ViaDante14 is a fully equipped event location provided with lighting, audio and video systems including microphones, video projectors and big-screen as well as blinding curtains. The location is also provided with heating and air conditioning systems, both running independently. The two lofts areas have their own backstage zone. In addition, the entire location can be customised according to your space needs: you can create additional space by using removable walls provided to make extra reception areas as well as additional meeting rooms. Wifi is also available and electricity system can support up to 50 KWh energy power. The easy access through the backyard is also a strong guarantee for a smooth setting up and uninstalling of your event, as it can be used as a parking area. You can be sure you won’t be restricted by opening times of any kind. You are fully free to organise your event at any time of the day or night according to your needs, without additional costs. This is a unique feature for a event venue based in Milan!
ViaDante14 has a comprehensive set of services available upon request, offered by our own selection of referenced partners who closely work with us on a regular basis. We do this in order to guarantee high standards in terms of space layout and in respect of your event type. We are also able to supply first class catering services according to your specific needs. We are in contact with highly qualified chefs, dedicated food companies as well as expert chefs specialising in vegetarian, regional food among others. Alongside catering service, we are also in touch with skilled providers offering furniture rental as well as technical assistance, hostess and security, setting ups and anything that you may need for your event.